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Hotel Mas Pelegri is Girona's premier multi-activity hotel.


Hotel Mas Pelegri is based in the best area for enjoying all of the outdoor sports Girona has to offer. Hotel Mas Pelegri is a biking and activity hotel for everyone at all levels of expertise. It is a chance to come away and enjoy the sport of your choice to the level you prefer. Whether it be to start a new healthy lifestyle, or to enjoy training in the sport you love or taking up or trying a new activity. Everyone is welcome.

Hotel Mas Pelegri has been set up by a couple who love the outdoors and believe in making sporting pursuits available to all. All ages and all abilities welcome and many of the activity companies we work with also are set up for people with special requirements. We have 2 ground floor rooms with are adapted bathrooms. What is important is the willingness to come and experience the outdoors. Coaching at all levels and for all ages is available, so please let us know how we can help. Our goal is to provide a place were people can feel enthused to get out there and become fitter and healthier. 


Hotel Mas Pelegri is owned and by Girona Cycling S.L. We have over 100 different routes from the door ranging is distance and terrain. Hotel Mas Pelegri is situated between the pro test climbs Rocacorba and El Mont. You can enjoy the flatter routes to the Med, or the beautiful winding roads through the volcanoes or the rolling farmland of the land of the lake or up into the high Pyrenees. Routes from 10 to 200 kms and everything in between. Everyone is welcome. All ages and fitness levels. Carbon bike rentals with ultegra components are available onsite. Route maps and GPS routes and emergency back up while cycling are included with stay. Coaching, guiding, bike mechanic, bike tools, sports massages, SAG vehicles can all be arranges. 


Hotel Mas Pelegri offers the perfect location for triathlon training, with an onsite 25 metre pool, the pristine lake of Banyoles close by and amazing quiet bike routes and off road trails and the local athletic tracks. We offer triathlon guiding and coaching onsite from Hotel Mas Pelegri. You can come self guided or join one of our training camps or book an individual private camp (click here for more info). We also offer individual coaching by the hour as required. Route maps, GPS downloads and emergency back up when cycling and running are included in every stay. Carbon road bikes with ultegra are available onsite.

Family Activity Holidays

Enjoy an active break with your family, enjoying the local activities in the area which include open water swimming, kayaking and rowing on the pristine lake of Banyoles. Canyoning and via ferrate with Aventura Girona. Ropes & Zip line course with Esportec. Quad biking and paintball with Fang Aventura. Kayaking on the river Ter and Fluvia and also along the Med. Enjoy and active holiday. All ages and levels are catered for. We customise your stay to fit your families requirements. 

Off road biking, Green Way (Via Verdes), Gravel and Mountain Biking.

There are off road routes, single track and gravel, right from the Hotel door. Many of the routes are graded depending on difficulty. We have easier routes for families and harder routes for professionals and everything in between. GPS routes and emergency back up are included in every stay. Bike rental is available on site. We also offer small group weeks during the year or you can book a private guided day or week. 

There is the new Via Verdes (Green way off road cycle) between Girona and Serinya which passes within 0.5kms of the hotel. The Province of Girona has done an excellent job opening up the area with easy off road routes so  that you can discover the whole Province off road. There are also fantastic harder mountain bike trails and everything in between. Just let us know the level you require. 

Horse Riding

Hipica Equinatur has a range of horses to meet all levels of rider. You can choose between going out on treks in the local countryside, enjoying jumping, western or dancing to music. There are local rivers that the horses love to splash and swim in. Open year round.

Hiking and Trail Running

There are a myriad of trails right from the door. You can enjoy routes to the Banyoles lake, to medieval Besalu, along the river Fluvia and into the volcanic national park. We include route maps, GPS routes and emergency back up with every stay.

Rowing and Kayaking

The lake of Banyoles is just 10 mins drive from Hotel Mas Pelegri and was the site for rowing for the Barcelona Olympics. Come and row and kayak at a world class training centre. 


You can choose between joining a morning yoga session open to everyone staying at the hotel or booking a personal session. Yoga is taught for all levels and all ages. So group sessions are set to the level of group. Our instructor Fiona specialises in people of all ages and those that may not be so flexible. The onus is on everyone achieving the best they can in a friendly natural environment. We are continuing to offer free morning yoga before breakfast and if the weather is good then we can practice on the large area next to the pool enjoying the rising sun. Since 2021 we are offering yoga tapeze, this is an overall strength and flexibility workout, come and find the child in you again. 

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