Hotel Mas Pelegri is an ecologic hotel that believes in responsible and sustainable practices.

Our goal since starting the refurbishment of a Pilgrims house 15 years ago was to build an ecologic and responsible place were people could come to be healthy and active in a wonderful countryside location.


Many guests are surprised to hear we are completely off-grid and have no connection to the municipal systems for electricity, water and sewage. We think about our water and power usage and what waste we are producing. We think about each watt that is used, so all electric items use the least watts possible. We reasearch every product, and try to buy the ones that use the least power, but still function well. Our small boutique hotel runs on approximately 4kw on summer days and this drops to about 700w at night. 
To make full use of our PV electric solar panels, we use the larger electric items at different times of the day. None of the sun’s energy is wasted. There is a large AC unit in the main building, and smaller AC units in the new garden suites, to keep the bedrooms comfortable (25°C indoor temp even in last Summers heat waves). Guests are amazed how cool it is inside during the Summer, as the Pilgrim’s house has 60cm thick stone walls. There are shutters fitted to the windows in the main building, so we can prevent the sun warming up the rooms.

Energy Conscious Planning.

The new garden suites have been built with the sun’s angle in mind. In the Summer the windows are shaded from the sun and in Winter the sun shines in to heat up the rooms. At night there is eco ventilation, where the night air is used to cool the buildings down, while using very little power. 
We have a solar pool cover which heats the water and minimises evaporation. This means our pool is swimmable from March through to November all via the sun’s power. Our light bulbs are low energy. Our hair dryers use half the power of a standard drier. We do not have electric kettles, instead we provide thermoses of hot water for tea and coffee in the dining room, and kettles on the gas rings of the BBQs. 

While rebuilding we tried to keep all the old large trees. Most of these trees are deciduous, so provide fantastic shade in the Summer and then loose their leaves in Winter allowing the sun to shine on the buildings and patios to warm them up. 

All the additional new planting was again to provide Summer shade and also to plant plants that do not require watering. In the new garden suites you will find lavender, sage and rosemary which keep the gardens colourful and green year round without watering.

KM Zero Purchasing

We try to buy in season fruit and vegetables that are grown within the local area. Here it is called KM zero purchasing. We also work with locals and employ a local gardening company, local electricians etc. We also work with the local activity companies. We feel it is very important to provide a responsible rural economy. All of our taxes are paid here in Spain. 

New for 2021

Come to Hotel Mas Pelegri to learn to life a more sustainable and ecologic lifestyle. In 2021 we are offering classes in how to grow ecologically, forage, reduce your carbon, reduce plastic usage, and live a healthier more sustainable life in tune with your natural environment.

Future Plans

We plan to keep buying PV panels and adding more eco AC units, as the possibility of heat waves rises, so that we are not burning fossil fuels to keep cool. We plan to buy an electric vehicle and more PV panels so we can do airport and train station transfers using the power of the sun.