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31st March - Banyoles half marathon and run around the lake


5th May, 2019, Catalonia national Championships at Middle Distance. Banyoles Lake.

29th June, 2019.Banyoles town fun team relays, 

7th and 8th of September. Catalonia national Championships Olympic distance and World Cup Triathlon race.

Open water swimming events

14th - 16th June, 2019. Spanish Open water Championships. Banyoles Lake. 

10th August, 2019. Swim the circumference of the lake 6km. 

15th of September, 2019. Traversia Banyoles Lake 2.2kms. 

20th of October, 2019. Banyoles lake sports festival and includes 500m swim across the lake. San Martiria festival.


26th to 28th April, 2019. Open International Catalonia Championships.

Dragon Boat

28th September, 2019. Dragon boat festival. Teams of 10. All welcome.

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